First of all let me say thanks for stopping in! And since you are here you probably want to know a little about who I am.

I was born in Mesa, AZ  in February of 1969 , And for as long as I can remember have loved music.  I started singing at 5yrs old and haven't been able to stop yet. At age 12  my Mom gave  me her Yamaha classical guitar and I began teaching myself how to play chords from a old guitar book. At 16 I begged my Mom to take me to Milano's Music Center and she bought me a 1963 Gibson Melody Maker (Man I wish I still had that one) for $100.00, from a young Salesman named Bill who would later become a rather well known radio personality Willy de Loon (from the Tim and Willy show)!

In 1990 I started writing and singing original songs and performing out with friends and sitting in with other bands in the country music bars in Mesa and Payson, AZ.

I tend to write about emotional issues such as love, friendship, relationships and being a parent. I am a single parent to a wonderful 10yr old daughter, whom I adore! If it affects my heart it just might come out in a song.

I am a current Member of Nashville Songwriters Association International. I have enjoyed traveling to Nashville to attend song camps and other seminars regarding the music business as it pertains to songwriting and networking.

Well I want to keep this short and sweet so if you would like to know more, feel free to drop me an email!