Get Out Magazine - Arizona's Entertainment Guide
March 7, 2005

"Since Jimmy Eat World laid down the prototype for what has become the definitive "Mesa" sound, there have been many albums from bands calling our fair city home that have brimmed with pop melodies, heavy guitars, tight song-craft and layered vocal harmonies. PosterWalls debut EP is no exception, which is a good thing who ever complains about good pop songs done up right?

Kicking off with "Teenage Generation," the quartet establishes that catchy tunes will be in abundance on this six-song release these guys cram three or four ear-candy hooks into each cut, with "Springfield," an ode to pop star and soap actor Rick Springfields "Jessies Girl" taking honors as the discs best cut. Singer/songwriter Brian Stewarts lyrics sometimes lapse into standard emo fare, but thats a minor glitch on a disc that puts melody above all else."